dinsdag 25 juni 2013
Hello sweet readers!
I know it's been a while but I'm back.. And I'm coming back hard with a new Styling post.

My sweet little sister was my model again, I simply love photography (I am saving for a new professional camera).

Today I dressed her up with my new Tuxedo Sweatpants.
I styled those pants with a classy Peplum (Borrowed it from my sister-in-law) and some fancy Heels.
To finish the outfit I kinda stole the Nike Cap from my brother (I'm sorry big bro), it gave that extra sporty look.

woensdag 19 juni 2013
This post is two in one! 
It's a DIY and Styling post.

The jeansshort is made of an old jeans.
It was already bleached so that was perfect!

the jeans before my work

After the DIY I styled the shorts and used my pretty sister as a model!

The jeans after my work
maandag 10 juni 2013
Every fashionista knows that Neon is trending this summer!
I normally don't wear any make-up not even a mascara or foundation (A la naturelle).
But why not try something out?
I went for the big neonpink lips (I didn't wear it when I went out today)!

I kept all the rest natural, no mascara, no eyeliner and no foundation.
Let me know what you think.

Lipstick from Action for less than 2 euro
maandag 3 juni 2013
Hello lovely readers!
This weekend I found time for myself and what do I do when I find some time?
That's right! Start a DIY project.

Like you fashionistas all know is that a white statement T-shirt is THE IT-thing now.
Sometimes you spend almost over 20 euro for a simple T-shirt, right? 
I just took an old T-shirt and started making my own statement T-shirt.

As I'm Moroccan, I chose an Arabic word (meaning: 'LOVE').
It turned out quite nice for the first time ever, I think.
I also pimped one shirt for my sister-in-law.

I hope you like it!

I styled my sister again and this time I went for the classy, chique look. 
You can easily switch this outfit to a daylook instead of the nightlook I chose.
To do that just take of the heels and put on some neonpink sandals (find it here)

If I told you guys how much this outfit costs you wouldn't believe me.
That is what I love to do! I shopped this look for 49 euro!

I always play the personal shopper for my friends and sister and if you go shopping with me, you will save up a lot of money and still look fabulous!

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